0.1: “The Many New Systems” Patch

– The small pond in front of Crow’s Pub & Casino has been remade. You can no longer walk on top of it, and it has lilypads just to pretty it up some.
– The citizens of Qeynos have learned how to plant trees, flowers and bushes around the city, including in front of the gates! Hallelujah! While you can’t walk over trees and some plants, they will appear correctly over you if you walk behind them.
-Faction system is in place.

  • Quests now provide faction hits, both positive and negative to their respective factions, and it will list after the quest what factions got a hit.
  • A total of 118 Factions were added. Most won’t be seen until much later.
  • Depending on the mob, some kills will give faction as well.

– Warrior now has a “Strong Attack” skill attained at level 1 and costs 30 TP (you gain TP during actions in battle).
– XP Curve has been changed, requiring more xp per level.
– Level cap has been reduced to 2. This is to prevent progression beyond the content available.
– For the White Headband quest, the enemies required to kill are now Orcs. You will need 4 Orc Scalps instead of Gnoll Pup Scalps. They wander outside the Qeynos gate, and are also no longer random encounters, you can see them.  75% drop rate on scalps, 50% drop rate on other trash loot.
– Orcs give positive faction hits per kill (+10) to the Guards of Qeynos, Jaggedpine Treefolk, Merchants of Qeynos and the Silent Fist Clan.
– Skeletons now also wander in front of the Qeynos gates. They have a 75% chance to drop bone chips. They will attack on touch and do not give any faction hits.
– Orcs and Skeletons both have a 5% chance to drop a 25% HP recovery potion.
– All mobs have a respawn timer, aside from certain ones (like the mangy rat in Sneed’s quest)
– Fire Beetles also wander in front of the gates. They have 3 trash items on the loot table to sell to merchants (50% drop rate for 2, 100% drop rate for their legs). They do NOT attack on touch, you must press Enter next to them to attack. They do currently use a spider graphic, I hope to change that soon.
– The start of BALANCE! Your character has much less stats as a level 1, as do enemies. It will continue to be tweaked. Please give feedback.
– SHOPS! The nice lady NPC in the Trading Post will now buy your loot, and she also currently sells 3 types of HP potions (more will come soon).
– MOUSE! You can now use the Mouse to control in game. You can move it off to the side and still use keyboard if you prefer. If no one ends up enjoying the Mouse feature (it can be fairly limiting), I will remove it.
– Resolution has been slightly increased for Windowed mode. You can always enter full screen by pressing Alt + Enter.
– Enemies have health and mana bars visible! Few tweaks to your characters status bars during combat as well.
– Ironforge’s, a weapon/jewelry store, can now be entered. Merchants are not active yet. 2 of the NPCs will say something to you.
– All music in game is now actual music from Classic EverQuest. This may be changed in the future depending if I decide to release this to the public for free.
– A Quest Journal has been added to keep track of what quests you have, and what you have completed. It will also show what reward you will receive at the end.

  • With the new Quest Journal, that system is now also responsible for distributing quest rewards. If you do not get the correct reward, please let me know which quest.  A typo could very easily cause you to receive the reward for a completely different quest.

– Quests now give some money reward.
– If you get killed by a mob, you will no longer get a “Game Over” screen and have to load a previous save. Instead, you will respawn in an area that I have designated. Please let me  know if you find a mob that gives you a “Game Over” screen. That screen should NEVER be seen from this point forward.
– You can now attempt to “Escape” from an enemy. If you don’t feel you will defeat the enemy, you can try your chances at escaping. It will end the battle and you will respawn in a specific area that should be safe.
– New Equipment screen, and more equipment slots! Getting ready for the future!
– The White Headband now has a description alerting you that it is required to complete the Orange Headband quest, which is coming soon. You can unequip it, but don’t get rid of it!

– New scripts were added in to make it possible to have more dialogue choices, and they can be scrollable. Good to use for class selections and other features. Due to many changes, the scripts had broke Sneed (but he is fixed), so if anyone sees an issue I might have missed with any dialogue, please let me know.
– RPG Maker VX Ace (the program I am using to make this) has very limited loot features, only allowing up to 3 items of loot per mob, and hard control over how often loot drops. I have put in a script that allows not only much more loot possibilities, but the ability to put in an exact % chance to drop on specific items.

– Mangy Rat for Sneed’s quest will never respawn after he is killed.
– Many walls and items your character could walk over, but shouldn’t be able to, has been fixed. I probably don’t have them all so please report any you find. Screenshots prefered.

– None that I am aware of yet.

– Currently you only start as a Warrior. There will be a class selection later on.

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