0.0.2: “The Enter-able Buildings and NPCs” Patch

– Both floors of the Trading Post is complete.
– The Mangy Rat on the 2nd floor of the Trading Post now requires you to hit Enter next to him to enter battle. This is temporary until I figure out how to keep him despawned forever after you complete the quest. He does not spawn until after you gain the quest, which is correct.
– All 3 characters within the Trading Post are now interactable, but not yet complete. They show what purpose they will have in the future.
– An NPC in the Trading Post will have a quest for you to travel to Hate’s Fury. Due to it not being in the game yet, the quest is not active, but you can speak to him about it.
– Crow’s Pub & Casino can now be entered! It is a 2 story building in EQ1, just a balcony with seating on the 2nd floor. I have opted against adding that, at least for now.
– Crows Pub & Casino is complete. Most NPCs will speak to you. 1 has a quest that can not be accepted yet (zone where she wants you to go is not yet in game).
– Monk guild enterable, all NPCs will speak to you. There is also a working quest available for a headband!
– Wandering guards, and they will speak to you.
– In front of the North Qeynos gate now has random spawns. Currently used for Gnoll Pups for the new headband quest.  The path has no random encounters, so if you wish to bypass encounters while heading back, get on the path.

-The “Mangy Rat” respawns after leaving and returning. He should stay despawned forever after completing the quest. You will gain another rat head for the quest if you kill him again, but it will be useless as the quest is not repeatable. The rat does not give xp, which is intentional.
– The “Gnoll Pups” in front of the Qeynos Gate look like Zombies…. because they are. That will be fixed soon with a better graphic.

-Balance has not even been looked at yet. You will slaughter that poor rat very quickly with more damage then he has health.
-Currently you only start as a Warrior. There will be a class selection later on.

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