0.0.1: “What Is This?” Patch

– Sneed behind the counter in the Inn gives a quest to kill a rat upstairs (hit Enter when standing next to him). If you speak to him right after you accept the quest, he should tell you that you haven’t killed him yet. Turning in the quest gives you 25xp. Will add a money reward soon.
– Fixed a few instances where you could walk through a wall, or even walk on top of the shelves, barrels and crates in the Inn.

– The “Mangy Rat” respawns after leaving and returning. He should stay despawned forever after completing the quest. You will gain another rat head for the quest if you kill him again, but it will be useless as the quest is not repeatable. The rat does not give xp, so don’t bother grinding him to level. This is intentional.
– 2nd floor of the Inn has zero furnishings. This will be changed in a future patch. -You can walk on some of the walls on the 2nd floor of the Inn. -The “Inn” should actually be a “Trading Post”.

-Balance has not even been looked at yet. You will slaughter that poor rat very quickly with more damage then he has health.
-Currently you only start as a Warrior. There will be a class selection later on.

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